The Sloth Band Cometh

Wow, it’s been a REALLY long time since anyone boarded this old ghost ship! Anyway, we at Cozy Home Records are extremely proud to welcome Seth Nathan, the newest member of the collective. He writes and records in his dorm room at SUNY Oneonta, and boy does he do it with panache! Check out the new EP called Audacity, as well as the full length Just Another Day in the Year of the Ghost at Bandcamp for FREE downloads!

Click here to go there.

Preview and download below!

The Real Burnouts have been busy as well, with the recent release of the new full length “The Fucking World” and a long-hidden rarity “Fresh Strawberries, Anyone? / Strawberry Fischer”.

Here’s a link to the Burnouts’ Bandcamp page.

And here’s a preview of “Fresh Strawberries…”

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Happy holidays, kiddies! Give the gift of music!

Old North/ The Real Burnouts dual release party

Join us at Saturday Feb. 4th at The Electric Company in Utica NY for this very special show!

UPDATE: Old North will not be able to attend, but The Real Burnouts will be joined by Rialda & The Pissantics

The Microcosmic Fest

A special one-day event featuring performances by some of the Cozy Home Family & friends:
The Real Burnouts
Old North
Bad Sound (members of Tofu Delux)
Doctors in the Basement
Spook Houses

Only $5, with all proceeds donated to charity!
More info here:

New Burnouts Out Now!

Out now is the new Real Burnouts record entitled “Dispirited Evidence of the Unconscious”. You can download it for a mere $5 at the Burnouts’ Bandcamp page here.

Don’t let this one pass you by, kiddies. It’s one of the most well-produced and painfully honest Burnouts records ever, which is already saying a lot. Get on over to the Bandcamp page, or you can just scroll down and listen/order right here!